Vol I Lesson 49

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Volume I Lesson #49

April, 8, 1989





My dear one, I wish to teach you now about humility. Humility can only be given after the heart has been opened. I cannot give the gift of humility unless the heart is open and willing to accept it, for humility is accepting all that is given graciously and with unconditional love. It is helping others and giving of yourself.


Humility is allowing Me to grant you everlasting life through the gift of others. It is accepting all of that which I give to you. To receive My gifts, it is necessary to have an open heart.


Humility is a great gift, because humility is giving unto Me totally. It is I Who give unto you My whole being totally. This is humility—accepting with unconditional love all that I bring to you through your open heart! It is giving Me your whole being totally by giving yourself to others in need of My Love and Mercy. That is why it is such a gift! By helping others in need of My Love and My Mercy, you are sharing in My Love and My Mercy.


Humility is a gift  which shall be granted to all who come to me with an open heart and request to live in My Love and in My Mercy. Humility:  the mercy of unconditional love!