Vol I Lesson 5

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 5

November 8, 1988





You see, My child, even today I pray in thanksgiving to My Father for the wonderful gift of glory that My children bring to Me. I prayed for My disciples then, and I pray for My living disciples now—those who are not of this world, but who must live in it.


I pray for your protection.  It is I Who am consecrated to you—to you and all My children!  I live in you, and you live in Me.  My Father has granted to Me this gift of glory for all who desire Me.


My disciples live on now, and I am with you, living in My Spirit, as I hold you in My Flesh. This prayer of Truth holds for all those believers who seek the Truth, the Truth of the Living God. The power of God which lives in you, because I am consecrated to you in My Spirit, is for all!


The world cannot accept this, because My people choose, once again, to accept only what they think they can handle. What constraints you put on your own selves!  You, who are given the Truth and so many gifts, choose not to accept them. Let it be as you wish.


When you say to Me: “Lord, why did you not give me these wonderful gifts and let the Truth be known to me?”; I shall say: “Be gone! You were given abundantly, but chose not to accept them. Now I will select, and you can stand in line for My selection process!”


I want so much to give My people the fresh, pure fruits of life. If My people continue to select the sour fruits, they will wither. My Mother, who continues to plead for you, will soon not be allowed to do so.  For only My fresh fruits will blossom.


Save! Save! Save the world, child!  For I, the Lord, speak the Truth, and am very serious!  Have mercy on those to whom you wish Me to give mercy.  I shall listen to you, for you listen to Me. Go in peace. My  protection and My strength are with you.