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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #50

April 9, 1989





Let us now continue.


I gave you a Lesson on humility, one which is so important, but usually one of the last to be accepted by My people. That is because of My people’s pride, and pride is always last to be offered up to Me. My people want to be “gods” themselves and rulers of their lives. It is because of this that there are so many destructions of kingdoms—man-made kingdoms.


My Kingdom is the only kingdom to which no (man-made) destruction or creation come. I tell you that pride is a kingdom that My people create, and destruction comes to the kingdoms of pride because of the ego! If My people would put their pride in Me, their Lord, there would be no destruction!


To do this, you need humbleness and humility, which you cannot receive without giving Me your heart.  So you see, My dear one, all My Lessons stem from first giving Me your heart, and then receiving the O’ so-many fruitful gifts of grace.


I assure you this Lesson on pride will be one that many shall not grasp or will choose not to grasp. That is because accepting this Lesson and offering to Me their pride will conflict with the kingdom of pride they have created within themselves, their kingdom of “I am ‘god’ and only I can rule.”


The reason for the wars you create is because of your pride in yourselves, instead of pride in Me, your only God. This is the end of the Lesson on pride. Go now in peace, for I am Peace.