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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #51

April 16, 1989




My dear one, do you know why so many of My people are afraid of Me?  They are afraid because they fear I will ask something of them.  They are afraid they will have to give up their control of their lives! Many are so comfortable in their lives that they fear I would lead them into another direction.


If I were at the center of their lives, they would not need to fear. If I were at the core of their souls, there would be no need for change! The only direction they would be led, would be onto My path of light, My bridge. Then they would truly lead comfortable lives! It is better to allow Me to direct their lives to My Father’s Light now than at a time more convenient for them. It is not a painful path!  Better to allow Me to guide you to My bridge now than to find the path too late, when My gates have closed!


My journey is one which brings you eternal, life-long happiness. Perhaps My people do not know the meaning of “eternal.” If you want eternal happiness, you need to make the effort and allow Me to direct and guide you, resting in My peace.


O’ My child, if only you could see the struggle I see My people allow. They lead such complex lives, and they call it comfortable. They do not know what comfort means! That is why I have spoken these words in My Lessons to My people, to help them realize what the truth is and how to achieve everlasting life. There is so much they need to learn and so much they do not even know!


Do My people now know what a blessing it is for them that My Father has allowed Me to teach them once again? The time shall pass—day by day—until they realize that this gift has been taught by Me. Pray when that time comes, it is not too late!