Vol I Lesson 52

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Volume I Lesson #52

April  23, 1989





My dear child, what is the meaning of the Cross? So many people have said there is a mystery behind the Cross.  I tell you there is no mystery!


The Cross represents the way of goodness and the way to eternal life! That is why I was crucified on a cross—because I am the Way! I am goodness and, through Me, you can receive eternal life.


The cross represents Me as a symbol of goodness and everlasting life. When I carried My Cross, I carried it to restore your goodness and to give to all the opportunity to have eternal life! This was very symbolic for My people because, as I carried the Cross, I outlined the Way! The pain I endured while carrying My Cross was intense, because I was restoring goodness and paving the path to eternal happiness. Carrying My Cross was painful, but carrying your cross does not have to be painful because I have paved the path of My Way.


My people become fearful when they hear “carry your cross!” I never said their crosses would be painful! The cross simply represents My Way, My goodness and eternal life! It is because I carried the Cross for My people and restored goodness and carved the path, their crosses do not need to be painful. I wish today to make this clarification on the understanding of the Cross!  The Cross is My Way, My Path. Because I have led the Way on the path with My Cross, your passage is only lightly burdened, restoring your goodness and cleansing you for eternal life.


Do not be afraid, My people, of the Cross. The Cross belongs to you, for I belong to you; and I belong to the Cross, My Way, My path of goodness leading to everlasting life with My Father.  Behold and pick up your cross joyfully, for it is your restoration of goodness and the paved passage. If you can grasp that I carried the Cross to restore goodness and carve the path to My Father, you will realize how lightly burdened your cross is, because I carried My Cross for you!  Because I had pain does not mean you will have pain, for I carried My pain for you.  See the cross as freedom, as pleasure, goodness and peace—not as pain!


The Cross, My Cross, is the way of restoration of goodness and eternal life. My Way, My path and  My goodness will allow you to share in My Divinity—My eternal life with My Father, My Cross!