Vol I Lesson 53

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #53

May 30, 1989




My people do not listen to Me. They are deaf to My words. They pray to Me for events to happen; and when they do, they act in disbelief.


Why should My Father allow signs from Me if, when they happen, there are unbelievers?


We have now allowed My Mother all that she wishes, and My people still look on in disbelief. She is the beauty of My Heart. If My people do not listen to Her words, they will not listen to Mine!


Her words are of love, prayer, thanksgiving and encouragement. My words are of Mercy, forgiveness, Love and respect. If My people do not wish to hear the truth from their Lord God, whose words would they live to hear? Which “god”? The one they create?


You people cannot handle all I wish to give and teach you because of your pompous ego and pride. When you do listen, you do not obey!


Do not wonder why your Lord God does not appear to all! Practice your faith. Believe in Me, and allow Me to love you. Follow Me. Live My Way, not your prideful way! Please begin, My people, to allow Me to fill you with truth and happiness !