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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #55

June 5, 1989





When you, My people, open your hearts to Me and allow Me to love you, you are allowing My Father to restore the beauty initially created by Him in you! You cannot imagine the beauty created by Him!


My people, do not wait till the chastisement for the beauty of My Father to be restored! If you will allow Me now to dwell in you, the beauty of My Father will be recreated. Do you not realize the power you have through love, faith and prayer? Through faith in Me and the One Who sent Me, trust, love and prayer, all beauty and peace can be reestablished, preventing chastisement! All goodness can be restored if you open your hearts and believe and practice what I teach you.


The chastisement shall be a result of misbelief, lack of love, lack of faith, lack of respect and from the lack of your mercy!


I tell you, if you change your hearts and live what I tell you, goodness, purity and beauty can be restored by destroying evil now.  You have the power to destroy evil if you all focus on Me and allow Me to live in you. You can prevent the chastisement from My Father!


Prayer and faith in Me are powerful tools. Begin using these gifts and allow Me to love you. You will see the change, I promise you! Please, just try as I have asked you. I tell you, the chastisement will come from your not doing the wish of My Father! It will be because you have placed restrictions on the goodness of My Father, Who is all good and the Creator of all beauty.


I tell you now, that the majority of My people in this world do not listen or hear My words of truth! They do not believe in My words, and they choose whom to love. Because they do not believe, they take it upon themselves to control according to their desires.


I am here to tell you, My people, that you can prevent the works of the evil one and destroy him now by loving. I am here to tell you, My people, that so much good and beauty can be restored through prayer.  I am here to tell you, My people, that wars can be prevented through prayer. Freedom and peace can be through prayer!


Persevere, have faith in Me, love Me by loving and respecting one another.  Open your hearts, have mercy, and pray.  These are the keys to preventing the chastisement, destroying evil, and recreating the beauty of My Father.


Do not think, My people, that if the majority of the people in the world in which you live do not believe, there is no hope! This is not the attitude to take. There is hope! I tell you, you can prevent what is to come if you begin now to love and have mercy for one another. You do not realize how much power you have through Me!


These are not words of hopelessness, but words of victory and peace!  Begin!  Try!  Pray!  See beauty recreated before your eyes.  Anything is possible through love, anything and everything.


Peace to you, My loved ones.   Peace!