Vol I Lesson 57

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #57

June 11, 1989





Come all, and give fervent thanks to My Father. He is Creator of all goodness!


“Oh Glorious One on high, exalt your people. Bring them Your peace and Your everlasting love. I bring them to You, O’ Gracious One. Have mercy on them as I have mercy on them. They are Our beloved people.”


These, My dear people, are the words I pray to My Most Glorious and Good Father. As you continue to give Me your hearts, I continue to present you to Him, asking Him to restore peace through His Divine Goodness and to highly exalt you as His holy people. My Father does not deny Me, My people. Please, do not deny Me to bring you happiness and peace!


My Father listens to Me.  Won’t you, please, My people, listen to Me and trust Me? 


There is nothing I would not do for you, My people, for I am good and loving. Please learn and begin practicing what I teach you. It will be your salvation!


These are words of encouragement today, My beloved ones. Take heed and pray. All goodness shall be given to you.


Times and ages change, and the human heart changes; but I, your Lord, remain the same and continuously pray words of salvation to My Father for you, for I am your forgiving Lord!