Vol I Lesson 6

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 6

November 9, 1988





My child, we must continue now with the Lessons for the children of the world.


Torment of Me in your selection process will result in torment for you in My selection process.


Those, who do their best in loving one another, will not have to stand in line for judgment. I, your Lord, look at the sincerity of your heart. Even when you attempt, but fail; if your attempt to love is sincere, you have not failed.


My dear one, the time of My Mercy is at hand!  I simply am asking that you have love, respect and mercy on one another.  Is that too much of a request from a God Who constructed a world of beauty for His people—people who were constructed in His likeness and His beauty? You say “no,” but look around you and observe My people who say they love Me!


The world was so beautiful, but My people have made it so ugly. There is hope to recapture My beauty, but little time to do so.  I have been telling My people for ages to love, but they have chosen not to do it. Why would they change their hearts now? Their hearts have no beauty.


Did you see that man? He quickly walked in and out of My church, and that was all the time he allotted to Me as a symbol of his thanks. That was his time to share his most intimate thoughts with Me. Tell Me, should I have mercy on him?