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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #60

June 19, 1989





My dear people, what is love? Do you know? Love is allowing My compassion and mercy to flow through you. Mercy is allowing the compassion of My love to flow through you! To love is to have mercy. To have mercy, you must love. I have said that this world cannot survive without love. Without love all existence will cease, because without love the soul withers.


If you wish to be My people, you need to know what Love is according to My Father’s standard. If you wish to be My followers, you must love.


Love is not an emotion! It is a gift of My Divinity. It is the gift of Myself. It is allowing Me to encompass your total being, because I am Love!


If you allow Me to dwell in you as your God of Love, then, not only will you receive My compassion and My mercy, but My compassion and mercy will flow out from you. If you all allow My Love to flow through you, are not all the different members making up the one Body of Christ? Is that not all My people drawing to the center of the Body, the Oneness of My Body, the Trinity? It is necessary for all to love!


When one member of the Body loves and the other does not, the Body becomes weak and suffers. You all belong to Me, and all need to allow Me to love you and build strength in you so that all members of the Body can be united with one Body of Christ!


I tell you, My people, you cannot survive without love. Your existence will cease and beauty will be destroyed. When existence is threatened, wars are created as hope for survival! This is truth, My people. Trust in Me and believe My words. Begin to love by first allowing Me to love you!


My compassion and mercy will then flow out from you. Beauty will be recreated and happiness, goodness and purity will be restored! Then you will have peace, because you will have allowed Me to give you peace!