Vol I Lesson 65

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #65

June 26, 1989





My child, there are so many of My people who have so much difficulty forgiving their brothers (meaning male and female). There are many who are filled with so much anger that they cannot forgive!  To forgive, My people must have the desire and the willingness. Those who do not forgive their brothers cannot forgive themselves.


If you, My people, cannot forgive yourselves, how can I forgive you? If you cannot forgive your brothers, how can you say you love your Lord God with all your heart? It is not possible for evil to exist with good.  I am Good! If you love Me with all your heart and allow Me to love you, there would be no doubt in your minds to forgive and reconcile with your brothers. You would love your brothers with all your heart.


Tell Me, child, if My people will not forgive their fellow brothers and themselves, is that not passing judgment?  When you do not forgive yourself, you are judging yourself! When you do not forgive your brothers, you are judging them according to your standards. I tell you, you cannot love Me and hate your brothers! You cannot judge others without first judging Me!


If it is necessary for you to commence the reconciliation process with your fellow brothers, then do so! Take the first step! Seek courage and strength from Me, but do not delay. Each moment you delay, you deny yourself My grace of freedom and peace. I tell you, if you wish to be glorified in Me, you must reconcile and forgive.


My people, do not take lightly My words on forgiveness and reconciliation. I tell you, it is better for you to forgive and reconcile with your brothers than to burn in the flames of Gehenna!  Step down from your thrones, My people. Do you actually think you can have everlasting life without forgiveness?  Allow Me to destroy your pride so that you can live in freedom and happiness by forgiving. Stop thinking you are far better than your fellow brothers or that it is belittling to forgive!


There is nothing of more importance in My eyes. If you cannot forgive without expectations, you cannot have a pure heart! You remain with a heart that is stained! I wish for you, My people, to have a happy, joy-filled heart.


It is your choice! It is you who must have the desire and willingness to forgive and do so! I cannot forgive you unless you allow Me. You must forgive yourselves and your brothers before I am able to forgive you!