Vol I Lesson 67

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Volume I Lesson #67

July 10, 1989





My dear people, this day I, your Lord, wish to talk to you about My Most Blessed Mother. She is the Queen of Heaven. The angels prostrate themselves at her most holy feet, pleading with her to command them! She is the purity of My Heart.  Devotion to My Mother is having devotion to Me. I listen to her and grant her Heart’s desire. Her prayer is pure. Her desire is for all to seek the Kingdom of God. Her desire is service to Me and My Father. We do not deny her. Pray to her.


It is through My Mother that you are brought to Me. She purifies you and offers you to Me.  When you pray, renounce your own spirit and invite the purity of My Mother to lead you to Me! She is the Queen who has remained silent at her request. Now it is time for you to know the importance of My Mother. All the angels sing at her feet and proclaim her goodness. Her prayer is so pure that We always grant her requests.


Seek Me through My Mother. Pray to her with all your heart. Obey her! If you desire Me, you will desire and honor My Mother. She is the purity of My Heart. There is nothing I shall keep from her. I honor her. My Father honors her, and all the angels pray to her that she might graciously command them to work in her honor.


Do not take lightly the holiness of My Mother, My Queen of My Kingdom. If you wish to dwell in My Kingdom, honor her and seek her purity, goodness, humility and meekness. I will not deny you if you do not deny My Mother. Her wish is to save you by purifying you and bringing you to Me.  Praying to her honors Me because, when you pray to her, you are praying to Me!


Know the truth, My people. My Mother, the most blessed and pure Virgin is your Mother and Queen of Heaven. Honor her and you will be honoring Me. Devotion to her is devotion to Me!