Vol I Lesson 68

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #68

July 17, 1989




My people, I continue to ask you to live your lives in My goodness. I continue to teach you to be kind to your fellow brothers (and sisters). I teach these words to you because, in the world in which you live, there is little kindness and little goodness.


If you practice what I tell you and persevere, you will notice changes.  Because of the evil ways in which many live, there is little trust in Me and no perseverance. Please persevere, My people, as you allow Me to change your bad ways to reflect My Way of goodness.


Today, many of My people want results quickly. I tell you to have patience and persevere. All will be answered in accordance to My plan and desire. Trust in Me. Live in My goodness and persevere!


I speak to you about perseverance because you ask of Me your heart’s desire, but are impatient in waiting for your answer. All prayers are heard!  Please persevere! When I do not tend to your needs immediately, you question whether your prayers are heard. There have even been many of you who have said that, “Our Lord heard my prayer, but He is upset with me and no longer cares for me!”


My dear ones, this is not the case.  If you truly believe in Me and trust in Me, you would know that all things happen for a purpose in accordance with My desire, which is for your happiness. Whether you think it is for your happiness or not, I tell you, everything happens for your good! All prayers are answered in accordance to My timetable, not yours. I tell you this so that you, My dear loved people, will persevere in your journey with Me.


Stand firm in your faith and trust whole-heartedly that you are cared for. Do you give a child candy every time he asks for some? What happens should you give a child candy as soon as he requests some? I know what is good and pure for you, My dear people. I know exactly what you need as you journey with Me.


Everything happens for a purpose in preparing you to share in My glory and to dwell with Me. You are molded into perfection so that I may present you to My Father in purity. Remember, your lives in this world are short compared to everlasting life! Therefore, My people, persevere! Continue to be kind to your fellow brothers and sisters and never stop trusting in Me.


I am the Way to your happiness!