Vol I Lesson 69

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #69

July 22, 1989





My people, what is perversity?  It is a blindness of the heart and destruction from your evil thoughts. Your hearts are blinded to goodness, and perversity is destroying your happiness.


Remember, I am your Lord God and see your darkness and your secrets, which you try to hide from Me! Remember, I know the deepest incentives behind your thoughts, which dwell in your souls. Remember, I am your potter—not your clay! Do not try to hide your thoughts from me. Do not be secretive!


It is My goodness and My Divinity I wish to share with you as I have said over and over again. I wish for you to be beauty-filled people with your own character, personality and style of love; but, My people, do not fool yourselves! Do not play games with your emotions and deceive yourselves with your evil thoughts.


Seek Me, My people. Do not hide from Me. Many put on their masks of true devotion by their routine observance of Me, but secretly lack the true love in their hearts. So many give thanks and worship to Me with their lips, but not with their hearts.


My people, stop being blind, and persevere! It is the blindness of your heart which leads to your perversity. Know the truth, My people, accept it and change!  You cannot hide from Me! I tell you, you are only hiding from yourselves and denying yourselves true love, happiness and peace.


Perversity and blindness of the heart, which lead to evil, are false and empty thoughts carried out in action!