Vol I Lesson 72

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #72

July 29, 1989





My dear child, so many of My people are so secretive. They are friendly in order to find out as much information as they can, which they are seeking, and then do not share any of their resource information with any other people, other than a select few.  The information they are seeking is the information I have revealed to My messengers. They are seeking to hear My words I have spoken through My messengers, but they do not share My words with others.


Instead, many put on their mask of superiority and importance! They think they are better than their neighbor because they know something their neighbor does not, but they will not share it either. So many of My people feel rejected because of this type of arrogance.


I tell you, it is not I who reject My people. It is My people who reject their fellow neighbors because they think they are more superior—a falsified importance created by man.


My dear people, do not live your lives as if you know a great secret and are too important to share or reveal your knowledge with your fellow brothers and sisters! Do not be secretive.  I share My words with you to teach you and for you to share with one another. I am not a secretive God; and if I do not keep My words from you, you should not keep My words from your neighbors. They are My people!


Please, stop attempting to find out what is happening in everyone’s life and then have a facade that you cannot speak about what is happening in your life, because it’s a secret revealed to you from Me! That is a facade!  All of My people are entitled to know My words and feel My acceptance and comfort. When you hide what you know from your fellow brothers and sisters, they only feel rejected. Are you more superior than they, that you cannot share My words with them?


Remember, they, your fellow neighbors, are the ones you have been called to love as yourselves!  Do not be secretive! When you refrain from sharing My words with your neighbors, despite the desire they have to hear them, you are only hindering your growth and denying yourself My love! Your neighbors desire acceptance from you.  If you deny your neighbors the dignity and acceptance due to them, My Father shall deny you, for you are denying acceptance of Him.


There is no favoritism, My people, and all your neighbors, co-workers, brothers, sisters and families are My people. All belong to Me.  If I am not a secretive God, then those who wish to follow My way cannot be secretive! Remember, I wish for all to dwell with Me, and that is no secret!


If My people wish to know what is happening to you and My other children, then share what you know. Do not create any of your man-made secrets and hold them in your heart.  Remember, if you think you are superior to your neighbor, then you also think you are superior to Me and My Father, for I live in all people who invite Me!