Vol I Lesson 74

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #74

August 8, 1989





My child, My people are vain people. Better to be simple and poor than to be rich, vain, and seeking My knowledge out of curiosity. Better to be rich, humble, charitable, and seeking humbly My knowledge than to be poor, filled with disgust and hatred! Better not to hear My voice if you will be proud, and better not to seek My wisdom if it is for vanity!


I tell you child, My people are vain. There is no humility or self-denial. My people do not renounce themselves and ask for My Spirit to purify and sanctify them—vanity!  Woe to those who seek My knowledge out of curiosity, instead of seeking My knowledge with humility and with lack of pride.  I tell you, those who have been given the grace of My knowledge will be judged heavier than those who do not have this grace. Caution to those who have My knowledge and live in vanity, lacking my humility!


Live for an everlasting life.  Pray that you will not be tempted.  Pray for My truth to dwell in you.  Pray for humility and, most definitely, pray that your vanity be slain! Stop seeking exterior fortunes.  Seek My treasure internally.


Your external treasures are short-lived. The body spoils and decays, but your soul lives! The interior soul is what needs to be fed with My treasures.  Vanity and seeking external stimuli as your treasure will only kill your soul! If you wish your soul to live, then seek Me with humility and self-denial. Vanity inspires the evil one, but self-denial slays him!


If you wish to receive My knowledge of everlasting life, then live your lives with humility. Know it is better not to speak if your words lack humility, are full of pride, and question disrespectfully.  My knowledge would tell you first to look at your own actions and repent before My Father!


Woe to those who discredit these, My words of truth—My priests, My nuns, My theologians, My lay people.  I tell you who have received the gift of My intellect: “Beware that your pride in My knowledge does not deceive you or distract you. Pray for humility and self denial.”


Before you judge My servant, look internally and judge your own pompous actions! It is you, who have been given My knowledge, that I shall judge heavier and more sternly!  Why?  Because you, with whom I have shared My knowledge, have created standards on who should receive My knowledge, and how My knowledge should be shared!

Remember, I am your Lord, God—you are not Mine!  I choose to work in the desire pleasing to My Father.  Take heed of My words. Your vanity is killing your soul.  Caution to those who seek My knowledge in vain.  Know that excessive desire to obtain knowledge will deceive you.  This type of knowledge does not profit your soul.


Let My servants rejoice in Me, not in themselves, nor in any other person.  I am your true hope, your joy and your crown. I am your gladness. I am your Lord!