Vol I Lesson 76

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #76

August 10, 1989




I wish to teach My people of My truth.  Truth is not seeking philosophical words about how to live My goodness. Truth cannot be defined by words!  Truth is the living breath of My Spirit. It is putting into action prayers of mercy and charity. To speak the truth, you must live My truth, the truth of My living Spirit, by being one with Me.


The philosophers gather to define truth, but their definition is only words; and that is the reason there is much debate over what is true and what is not! I tell you, that there is no definition of truth, because truth is My living Spirit.  All who are one with Me live in My truth, for they are living in My Spirit. You can have examples and explanations on how to live to find truth, but the word “truth” itself is Me, for I am Truth!


My living Spirit is the truth for all men. How happy the man who finds Me, and lives in Me, for he is living My truth—My living Spirit by which all men are united to in My Oneness.


If your philosophers lived in Me, they would be the breath of My truth, and there would be no debates. When all men live in Me, they are the living breath of My Spirit, My living truth.


I invite all to be the mankind of My living Spirit.  I invite all to live in Me, and to be truth.  Come all ye, and live in Me.  Put aside your vanity and pompous acts, and live in My truth. Live in Me, the truth of the living Spirit!