Vol I Lesson 77

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #77

August 11, 1989




My dear one, I wish for all My people to seek My Kingdom with humility. Without self-denial they cannot enter. My people so desperately wish to be noticed that they lose sight  that their prayer should be one which gives glory to My Father.  My people wish to be holy, but they confuse holiness with fame!


My dear people, I tell you that those who are praised by man are not more holy than those who are not praised or who are disparaged.  Holiness reflects interior purity. Any man can reflect an exterior goodness, but it is the interior purity I see to judge worthiness of My Holiness.


Those who are more noticed by your human standards are not more noticed by Me! I notice the unnoticed and weigh the intentions of the heart! There is no superiority. Re-member, the glory of man is not the glory of God.  Those who seek My Kingdom, and desire to live in My Holiness, I assist and notice!  I, your Lord, see your interior desires and the intentions of your heart. If you desire My Holiness, then come to Me with humility and without expectations


Those who desire to truly serve My Eternal Father without praise or fame shall be exalted, for these are My true disciples.  They are the ones who desire to serve and give My Father glory, not only in good times, but in bad times!


If you truly seek My Kingdom and to receive My Holiness, you would not worry or be concerned about what others say or do! You would not be disturbed by the judgment of men, and you would not seek fame in your testimony. You would live with humility and a good conscience, which results in My peace and interiorly reflects My Holiness.


Remember this, My people: Holiness is not a virtue to prove or show to your fellow brother. It is a state of your soul! If you are holy, you have such a strong self- confidence in your love for Me that the judgment of men will not disturb you!