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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 8

November 10, 1988





Children have been given to My people as a gift!  People used to pray to My Father for children, and received them as a sign of His Love. To bear a child was a gift, but now it is a burden. My people used to pray for children, but now they pray not to have children.


They pray, “Oh Lord, do not make me pregnant, or I will have to have an abortion.” How carelessly they select their words! They pray, “Oh Lord, please help me this time, and I will never do it again!” How patient I have been with My children, because of My great Love for all. What do they take Me for? For I see and know the deepest incentives behind their thoughts.


Do you not know that I am not at your disposal, but that you are at mine?


It touches Me deeply that I must give in order to receive their love. In today’s world the people are as wild as they were in My age. They seek external stimuli to achieve inner

satisfaction. They rely on synthetic chemicals to make them happy, to make them function. They are relying on these resources for their own comfort, when I want so much to give them inner strength; but they will not ask.


I want My people to turn back to Me, to pray and to love one another, and to have mercy on one another, so that I will have mercy on them. This is My message:


I am a giving God, but will not give any longer until My people return to Me by loving one another!


Drugs, sex, abortion, money and power all manipulate My people. There is much evil in the world, because My children have selected these ways. What restrictions they place

on themselves! If they would just turn to Me, there would be no limitations to the great bounty of gifts I would flourish upon them. This is a truth you must know. You must see the world as I see it. You must pray for them. I have waited a great length of time, and will not wait much longer.


When My people give to the poor, they need to give with their hearts—not just when they need to rid their households of clothes or other items. Giving with your heart is not

giving when you select to give. Giving with the heart is an openness to helping others, whether it be giving your time, your clothes or your money, but giving with love, and at all times.



My people think that giving to the poor is materialistic giving. This is not so.  People who are poor, are not only those in financial need. They are My people who are also poor in Spirit, My people who are in need of spiritual healing, so that their hearts can be rich. There are so many of My children who are financially rich, but so poor in Spirit. I wish to make them rich, but they choose not to allow Me to love them, because they think they have everything they need. They restrict their intake of love, but not of power! If people would allow themselves to be loved, then My mercy would flow into them.


Remember, if you want to receive mercy in return, then you need to allow yourselves to be loved!