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Volume II Lesson #1                                    

September 15, 1989



Mother of Sorrows


My dear people, your “Mother of Sorrows” not only lived seven sorrows, but many more beyond your recognition.  It is a great feast in her name, but it is also your feast!  (September 15 is the Feast of the Mother of Sorrows).


My Mother has lived the sorrows you bear and, because of this, you should always call on her in your time of need.  She is your Mother and patron, who shall comfort you during your sorrow.

She is noted as your “Mother of Sorrows” for the seven sorrows she lived; but, I tell you, she is most powerful as your Mother of Sorrows, because she has experienced your sorrows.  In your sorrow you are bonded to her Immaculate Heart, and her tears for your sorrows purify you.  I tell you, the sword that pierces your hearts has pierced My mother’s Heart before your sorrow was betrothed to you!


When you call on her, she flies to your protection and cradles your heart!  Allow her to comfort you; for when you are sorrowful, My Mother is also.  Allow her to unite your heart to her Immaculate Heart.  The sword may pierce your heart, but the edge has been dulled, because it first pierced My mother’s heart before your own.


Call on her, for she shares your sorrow!