Vol II Lesson 10

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 10

October 12, 1989





My people grieve over their current situations, yet they do not grieve over their souls.  Their focal point, once again, is placed on the wrong subject.


I do not wish for My people to grieve, but they do not listen.  They are so consumed with their problems that only confusion exists, which leads to additional grief.


I tell you, as I wish to tell My people, that when someone is grieving, do not take on the burden and  grieve also with them or for them!  Pray for their peace and be compassionate.  Support them spiritually and morally, but do not take on their grief.  Be concerned and attentive to the status of your own soul, and never lose your focus from My Father.  Love Him in good times and in bad times!


Sadly, many of My people must experience grief before they will surrender unto Me!  If I did not love their souls so dearly, I would not care for them and would allow them to fall.  Remember I, your Lord, know man’s heart and know exactly what each soul requires to obtain ultimate bliss.


Many of My righteous people grieve from the effects that man creates and infringes upon them.  Unfortunately again, they grieve for the effects man has caused. They lose their focal point.  My point of this Lesson is to awaken those who grieve.


Do not grieve for an event that happens in your life or your focus is no longer on Me!  Will not your Lord God care for you?  Do you trust in Me?  If you wish to grieve, then grieve for the condition of your souls, but not for what your fellow brethren has caused.


Be grateful, my people, that My Father is forgiving.  Be grateful that judgment is not based on man’s standards.  Be grateful that He has allowed Me to save you.  Be grateful for His everlasting Mercy.  Do not grieve, but rejoice!


Take each day as I have prepared it for you. Do not allow your vivid and vain imaginations to cause you grief.  Live in Me in each moment.  Do not run ahead. Offer  Me your hearts and souls daily, and you shall be recompensed. Focus on your souls and My Father’s great Love for you!


I shall give you the strength to carry on, but do not grieve for what man has done.