Vol II Lesson 13

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 13

October 21, 1989




My dear child, there are many of My people who, in their tiredness, pass off their ill manners and conceit as an excuse for their fatigue.  Many say, “Not today, I am too tired,” and allow bad feelings and thoughts to control their actions.  There is a Judas in all of My people!


How many times Judas had the desire to follow My ways and learn My goodness, but fell because he was tired or he allowed his intellect to be superior to the Truth of My words! He did not seek God first nor did he trust in the Truth of My words.  He used tiredness as a scapegoat against facing the Truth.  So it is with My people.


There is a little of Judas in everyone until they allow Me totally, at all times, to possess their souls with the Truth of My Father.  As I gave hope to Judas time after time, again I give all My people hope; for it will never be Me Who defies them, but they who defy Me!  They have that choice.  They select in freedom what they truly desire for their heart’s and soul’s nourishment.


I would like to tell My beloved ones not to use their fatigue as a scapegoat from constantly and consistently working on the Truth I have been teaching!  Instead, endorse (Webster’s Dictionary: to give approval, support, sanction) yourself for a hard day’s work and allow Me to live in you.  I shall give you rest.  This will make you strong and enrich the power of your faith.


Always be on guard, and do not allow tiredness to express feelings of deceit.  Constantly work for your soul’s welfare.  Even in your rest does your soul require drink from the well of fresh water!  Always be on guard, My people!  When you feel tired and irritable, call on Me, and I shall flee to you.  I will remove your feelings and instill the Truth of My Presence and Peace.


Trust, My people, trust in your Jesus!

I am your intimate God, here for restoration of the world!