Vol II Lesson 2

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 2

September 20, 1989





My child, I speak to My people, not because of their holiness or worthiness, but because of My holiness and worthiness!


It is written in Scripture that the Son of Man shall save His people through His Blood, and that His people shall be redeemed in Him.


Know that I come to My people and speak to them to fulfill the proclamation as it is written.  I am the Son of God, Your Lord Jesus Christ, fulfilling the worthiness given to Me from My Father.  I am your Lord God, here to save you through My holiness!


I am here because of My worthiness in the Father, not because of your worthiness.  It is through My Blood that I am consecrated to you and you to Me.  The Crucifixion was your redemption.  I wish to make it known to My people that I am here because it is written, in fulfillment of Scripture, that the Son of Man comes because of His holiness, and not because of your worthiness.


Therefore, humble yourselves unto Me.  Humbly accept My love and My teachings.  Through them, you shall be able to humble yourselves to My Father, your Father of Mercy.


Know this is true.  All shall be fulfilled in accordance to the Word of God.