Vol II Lesson 20

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson 20

November 27, 1989





Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit mean to you? How can you acquire the living Presence of My Spirit at all times? These are questions My dear people need so badly to have answered and to digest!

My people continue to die a slow death! They die from their own poison, the poison of judgment, spite, resentfulness, envy, hatred, fear and their own control, the strong poisonous venom of the soul! If My people invited My Spirit to be their spouse, their poison would turn into their cure.


Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is My Divine Spirit, Who literally dwells in your physical, bodily formation as your spirit.  He is united to the spirit of the soul and body to become a living, walking Spirit of My Father.  When the Spirit exists and dwells in you, you share in My Life in all phases and in all totality.

From the human perception, My people should perceive the Holy Spirit as a living person.  It is like a blind person, who cannot see another living person, but knows with his mind and heart that there are people living in bodily form.  My Spirit is a living Person, Who unites His Spirit to your existing spirit, and grants gifts of salvation, peace, beauty and endless graces.


See My Spirit as a blind person sees you.  The Spirit is alive!  The Spirit is a Person.  The Holy Spirit is your protection.  The Holy Spirit is your Divine Spouse of Love.  Never, never forget this!  Never!  The moment you forget this is the moment you have lost your desire for eternal life.  The Holy Spirit means Life! He is the Truth of My Life.  He unites the soul to the Holy Trinity.  He will speak to you.  He will speak!


Do you not speak to a blind man? Listen, and acutely utilize your senses! The Holy Spirit means protection and endless happiness.  He is your spouse, your brother, your father, and your most intimate friend.  All comforts come through Him, all blessings, discernment and knowledge!  That is what the Spirit means to you.

The Holy Spirit is your salvation! Invite My Spirit! That is how you acquire My Presence–simply ask! Then listen and trust.  Once the Spirit is dwelling in you, if you do not trust in Me, you do not trust in yourself! For once My Spirit enters, you are consecrated to the Divine Holy Trinity. If you do not trust Me, then you do not trust My Spirit in you, and you cannot trust yourself.


If a blind man does not trust you, he cannot trust himself, because he would live in fear of deceit and harm! You must trust in My Spirit as I trust in you.  Then there will commence in you comfort and the O’ so many gifts which await you.

Tell my people, child, tell them! My Spirit awaits to make the blind man see!