Vol II Lesson 23

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 23

December 4, 1989





Today My people live in a world of fallacy.  I wish for all My people to be My saints, but My people do not fully understand what a “saint” is!


A saint is one who has no personal desire, but wishes to fulfill the desires of all peoples’ hearts though My goodness.  Anyone who desires worldly goods and spiritual freedom can never be a saint.


Those who act saintly are not necessarily saints!  To be a saint, you must be one from within!  If you act as a saint on the surface only, you deprive yourself and others of the treasures of life.  Remember also, that to be a saint does not mean that man will not find error in you.  What constitutes sainthood today from your measures is not what constitutes sainthood from the standards of My Father.


I want My people to know that all are invited to be saints on earth and in Heaven!  Look to Us and We will prepare you, mold you and guide you.  I wish also to remind My people that their world has turned into a world of hatred among brethren.  If they feel that recognition from man is necessary to be a saint, they are wrong.


There is little recognition today because of little love; but if all remember to seek acceptance from Me, then they would not need any recognition from the world, because I would fill them with an overabundance of Love.  They would want to give love, instead of receive it.  I tell you, My beloved spouse, that there are few people today who seriously have the desire to be Our saints.


It is My hope with this Lesson that all My chosen will recognize My call for them to be true and real “saints,” inwardly and externally!  It is a call, not to act saintly, but to be authentic!  It is possible.


My hope for My people is that they will hear My words with their hearts and ask Me!  All they need to do is ask Me!  All they need to do is ask.  Those who choose to ridicule and slander the words I have spoken to each heart and who choose recognition through worldly props, such as money, choose to walk with Satan.  There are many empty seats on My Throne because many of My people have not believed that I extended an invitation to them to be My saints.  There are now still available spaces for saints to come, if My people believe sainthood is attainable through humility and lack of pride!  It is not their humanness I want, My child, it is their souls.


Sainthood awaits all who desire it and reflect their love for My Father through genuine humbleness and elimination of self-pride!  The way to this journey is to simply ask without ambivalence.  I shall mold them according to each soul!