Vol II Lesson 24

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 24

December 6, 1989





My dear child, those who walk in the Truth of My Light will accept the truth of themselves in their journey of growth.  Be grateful that man is not judged by man, but by My Father!  He is the judge of all men and He is a gracious, patient and loving God.


Each day, as My people choose to be closer and closer to Me, they will come to know themselves and accept themselves with love.  The ego slowly dwindles away and disintegrates, and My people will even accept and acknowledge their human faults.  Then they will no longer walk with false humility but will be the budding beauties of humbleness!


Each day, as My people elect to accept My Truth and My Love, they will no longer attack themselves because they make or have made errors; but they will also embrace My Love as their salvation. My people will know with all of their hearts, minds and souls that, even though they may try and fail, they have won in My sight.


I am not looking for perfectionism, but genuine sensitivity.  I desire their hearts to be filled with honesty and purity.  Remember, I see the deepest incentives of each person’s heart.


Conversion, although a journey in time, is also simple.  It is man who complicates and makes “conversion” a word of struggle!  That is why those, whose hearts belongs to Me, suffer.  They suffer a longing for peace and love between mankind, but live with the reality of deceit and sorrow!  These are My pure children, for only they know their suffering, which is not shared with mankind.  No one sees their suffering, only the Holy Trinity.


I want My people to know not to fear!  Those, who fear or instill fear, live with imperfect love.  I have said, and shall say again, “I shall save My people.”  I will not allow one of My chosen to be harmed!  All shall have eternal freedom.  Do not be afraid of what may come ahead.  All those who wish to be Mine shall be saved, for all who desire shall be called my “chosen”!


Fear has no substance!  What justice is there in fear?  If you fear, do you have faith in Me?  My people, do not be afraid.  The power of God, My Father, is so intense in fortitude that, if He wanted to destroy everything and everyone, it would only take a matter of a second in terms of time!


However, My Father is a loving Father, and He loves you.  So do not be fearful of what may come, but be grateful that He loves you and cares so much for you that all, who wish to be His, will be!  It is that simple.  Ask and allow us to purify you.


My Father and I are dedicated to you in granting you eternal salvation and freedom!  If you desire Us, as We desire you, then so be it!  It is your choice, and shall always be your choice, not Ours.  Our wish is to protect you and to grant you the pleasing comfort of serenity and peace.  Those of you who think that Jesus would not speak in so pedestrian a way, know that you live in a complex world because you have allowed the complexity of your intellect to control you.


I speak simple words so that there will be no mistake or misunderstanding about My offer of everlasting life to you.  I speak clearly and directly to all created by My Father so that all will understand.  There is no favoritism in the Kingdom of God.  All share in and live in the Oneness of My Father’s Love.