Vol II Lesson 25

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lessons # 25

December 10, 1989





My dear child, humanity remonstrates also in good, simple people.  I have taken them away from their families, their businesses, and their social affairs.  Their remonstration and internal protest shall be calmed because My good will come to be seen in the Light.  It is difficult, at first, to walk with Jesus because I take you through the fog and the mud to the green pastures.  My people have difficulty, at first, because they think that their walk with Me will be as they have it mapped out in their minds.  Then they come to know their true Jesus.


I tell you, that they will rejoice after their journey of conversion because I have taken them through the fog and mud; and they will understand that this is conversion!  It is like a dandelion.  As the wind blows, the dandelion tufts are released.  Many float in the air, and many land on My lap!  The tufts are My disciples.  My floaters are those who wander; and those who land on My lap may float away too, due to fear, frivolity, inconstancy, selfishness, pride and even foolishness!  I wonder how many disciples will truly come to Me in the most crucial moments of My mission!


There are few who rest on My lap presently, and I pray for those floating tufts to land on My lap.  I also pray for those who have landed in My care that they are not blown away after the first gust of wind, for all have their will to choose until the last moment.


How My people struggle in their loyalty to Me.  Pray for them, My child.  Pray for all My tender tufts, My disciples; and bring them back home to Me!