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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume 11 Lesson # 28

December 22, 1989





My dear child, tonight I wish to speak to My people about the meaning of the most pure and perfect prayer, the prayer of My Father, your “Our Father.”  It is necessary that all know and understand the meaning of this prayer.  The eloquence of the words are the ultimate of perfection, the perfection of His Love.


I have told you and My people that all who live in Me, live in My Father, for We are One as you and I are One in Him.  All who come to Me are in turn delivered to Him Who has sent Me!  If you live in My faith, you live in Him; and the power of His Love is your salvation.


The prayer of the “Our Father” is My prayer which was taught to all, so that all may share in His grace of perfection.  If your prayer is that of Mine, then your prayer is one of perfection, and you are perfected in Me through our oneness.  It is the most beautiful prayer and the purest, the ultimate prayer of Divine protection.


“Our Father Who art in Heaven”:  denotes the Father of all mankind, all races; the eternal and true, living God Who is your Father, dwelling in the place prepared for all His loved ones, the place of paradise and everlasting peace.


“Hallowed be Thy Name”: glorious is His Name, for glory will be given to all who praise Him and share His Love.


“Thy Kingdom come”: His Kingdom of peace will reign for all eternity in His goodness.


“Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”:  purity, truth, love, mercy, compassion, honesty, joy and peace will be on earth, for it is in His Kingdom!  Earth, created by Him in all His beauty, shall return to beauty and remain a paradise as His Kingdom.  And truth, joy, charity, hope, compassion, humility, strength, faith, His Love and Mercy shall be His symbols.


“Give us this day our daily bread”:  feed our souls with Your nourishment to share in eternal glory.


“Forgive us our trespasses”:  forgive our selfishness and pride against Your beloved ones.  Forgive us, for we have offended Your honor.


“As we forgive those who trespass against us”:  for we pray for reconciliation of our brothers who have offended our honor in Your Name.


“Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”:  protect us from all harm, and keep us pure from sin caused by the evil one, so that we may live in the Oneness and purity of the Divine Holy Trinity.


This, My dear one, is the true meaning of His prayer which is My prayer and which is your prayer; the prayer of perfection and one which is hoped to be said with an open heart. Tell My people to pray it, for it is His prayer; and simplicity is its armor!