Vol II Lesson 3

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 3

September 22, 1989





My people do not live for the present day.  Their worries and anxieties stem from their anticipation of what tomorrow shall bring.  In worrying about tomorrow, they have not lived for today.


I am Jesus of today and tomorrow, as I was your Jesus yesterday! 


If you wish Me to be yours tomorrow, then have Me today!  Focus on the moment, and on My great love.  If you focus on tomorrow, tomorrow may not come. How can I fill you with My goodness and grant you My graces tomorrow if you will not accept them today?


Live for today in Me, My people.  Live in Me this very moment.  Structure your attention, and be focused on Me, this moment and every moment of each day.  Live the graces I grant you each day by accepting them and taking one day at a time.


Do not run ahead!  Do not look back!  Live the moment, and be aware of all the beauty I give to you.  Focus your energy on Me in everything you do.  You will be able to accept My Peace because you will be walking with Me.  Do not worry what yesterday has brought, because today will become yesterday!


I tell you, My child, it is on a rare occasions that My people live each day as if it was their last.  My people plan for an uncertain future.  I would like My people to return to basic principles.  It is very difficult for My people, because of the world they created—a world of life against a time table; a world of fallacy, not reality; a world of competition, not unity; a world of struggle, not companionship; a world destined to hate from the lack of love and compassion.  Is this a merciful path of life?


Take seriously My words, My beloved people, because My seriousness stems from My concern and love for you.


Many will say, my child, that it is the condition of the world and your desire to see it change, that have deceived you to think that I speak to you.  They will not take My words seriously, and they will think that My words are really your own!  I tell you, My Heart saddens for these, My skeptics. When the time comes in which they will know that these words are Mine, and the time will come, it shall be too late; for these words come through my Father.


I am asking people in this Lesson to live for today.  Live day by day and focus on Me.  Live in Me today, and you shall live in Me tomorrow!  Seek tomorrow without having found me today and you shall not find me, for the day of tomorrow is uncertain!


I tell you, child, this will be difficult for My people.  I will see now, how many of people who say they trust in Me, really trust in Me!  Can they live for today without anticipating tomorrow?  Can they totally trust in Me today, so that they will not worry about tomorrow?  Will they be at peace with what I bring them today?  Do my people truly trust in Me?