Vol II Lesson 30

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 30

December 24, 1989





My dear child, so many of My people mistake simpleness with simple-mindedness and ignorance!  I have said many times:  “I wish for My people to have simplicity!” Allow Me to define the difference and make clear My terms for My people.


Simplicity is a state of quality of both purity and naturalness.  It is not simple-mindedness.  Simple-mindedness is a state of foolishness and ignorance.  Ignorance is a lack of knowledge.  It is a state of being without knowledge.


I have asked My people to be simple, not ignorant!  I never said that to be simple, you must be poor, did I?  So many of My people believe and associate simpleness with materialistic values.  Simplicity and poverty are not one and the same.  There are many of My “poor” beloved ones who lead very complex lives!  Simplicity is the lack of complexity.


Any of My people who say, “You need to lead a simple life,” suggesting monetary values, do not understand what simpleness truly means!  The love of money will control you and manipulate you into leading a complex life, but money itself does not identify a lack of simplicity.


My people need to understand these differences.  I am not calling My people to simple- mindedness or lack of knowledge.  I am calling My people to knowledge and to life without complexity.  I am not calling My people to ignorance.  I am calling My people to a state of purity, especially during this time of Joy, My Birth.  I wish for My people to understand clearly the significant difference between simplicity, simple-mindedness and ignorance.