Vol II Lesson 32

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 32

December 31, 1989





My dear child, I wish to describe today the path of conversion.  As you pray for conversion, the seed is sown in the soil.  Conversion is a silent process, one which only I see.  Once the seed is sown, the process is slow, slow in order to be nourished and to grow into blossom.  As My people convert, they must absorb and accept the seed.  Then silently, they reflect and slowly grow.


That is why I have said, “It is not necessary to verbally debate about conversion or on what is right or wrong according to your standards!”  Once the seed is sown into the heart, the soil becomes rich and silently changes the person by perfecting the soul.  If the seed is not sown, then try again and again, until their is no mistake that the soil is too bad to accept the seed.  The soil is man’s heart; the seed, My goodness.  Once the seed is sown, My goodness spreads through field and kills the field of wickedness.


It is a slow process, for weeds are difficult to eliminate and they tend to grow back.  But goodness is their poisonous venom, inviting them to grow fully so that the root will be destroyed!


Remember, silence is conversion’s patron!  If you think your fellow brethren are not converted, know your thoughts are deceiving.  Once the seed is sown, silently and at My pace, will the fruit ripen; but all shall be ripe at harvest time!  Man does not know what phase of conversion his fellow brethren are journeying.  Only I know!  Only the seed knows the stage of growth.  However, pray for all; and this shall fertilize the soil.


Know that as sinners convert, the more will loving grace and tender words and loving actions from My people assist in conversion.  This type of loving grace makes the sinners weep and encourages them in their journey.  Never condemn, for I love all the bad and the good.  It is through love that the sinner repents and does so silently! That is the beauty of conversion.  It is a journey one must take alone to fully embrace the intimacy of My Eternal Father.


If a sinner laughs in your face and chastises you, simply remain loving and silent.  The laughter will turn to tears of joy as he later weeps for gratitude for planting My seed. Never argue or return slandering words.  Always love and pray that the seed is fertilized.


That is all for today, My people.  I bless you this night as this decade ends and the Age of My Divine Mercy commences!  Peace to all for eternity!