Vol II Lesson 34

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 34

January 4, 1990





My dear child, My people are not yet convinced of My great Love for them; for if they really accepted My Love, they would be pure of mind and honest.  If they truly recognized My Love for them, individually, they would be at peace, happy, and with trust.  They would want to be like Me!


What does it take to convince My people of My great Love? I love the good and the bad, even the bad who do not know Me! But I see the love My people have for Me by the way they treat their brothers. My good continues to be slashed by the dishonesty of the bad.


I am here to warn My people, as a watchman warns the troops before battle! Take heed, all ye who live deceitfully!  You who are bad and know Me, but do not turn to good, it would be better for you had you never known of My goodness.  You who have good in you, but have begun to live deceitfully and dishonestly, it would be better had you not known Me. For those who are good and do deceitful acts will be judged as if they were not righteous.  The good deeds accredited to them will not be acknowledged! But those, who are righteous and holy in Me, shall receive their reward without punishment! For what is due to man for his unjust ways shall be fulfilled as promised by My Father.


Justice will be fulfilled as decreed.  Those, who love and live in faith, have no need to fear; for My seal of protection is on them.  Remember, there is no justice in fear. Fear is not of Me!  If you live in Me and I in you, then you will not fear or allow perturbations of fear to cause you undue duress.