Vol II Lesson 35

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 35

January 8, 1990





My dear child, today I wish to speak of ordinariness.  My people think that, in order to gain the Kingdom of God, they need to be extraordinary and be recognized by man as martyrs! This is not so! I called all to be saintly in their ordinariness! This is also one of the reasons I have selected you through whom I speak My Lessons.  If I listen to you and give to you in your ordinariness, would I not listen and give to all My people, if there is no partiality in My Love?


Many of My people attempt to conquer the world, and wish to do too many things at a rapid pace! It is only I Who can conquer the world! It is necessary to go slowly, and at My pace, if you are to conquer with Me! I am here for all My people, and I do not—I repeat—do not favor one over the other! All are blessed in My Eyes, who seek the goodness of My Father.


I wish for My people to know that I am with them at all times, every moment of every day, not only at times of prayer!  I am with them when they are at home conversing, laughing, arguing, loving, working and crying.  Is that not ordinary, daily activity? Is that not a simplicity in functioning very ordinarily with Me in the midst of their presence?


As My people turn to Me, they desire to please Me by doing extraordinary tasks.  They wish to go out of their way to please Me in order that they may seek My favor and My Peace.  It is I Who wish to give, and it is in their ordinariness that I provide for them!


Ordinariness is loving, laughing, living pure lives, crying, working and growing.  It is not chastising, swearing, blaspheming or drunkenness.  I do not wish for My people to stop functioning in their daily activities because they have been found by Me! I wish for all to carry on lovingly, accepting My many gifts.  This is the ordinariness of which I am speaking.


I wish for all to reflect upon My friendship.  Am I their friend? What  is a friend? How do you treat a friend? Are not friends ordinary and simple? Are they not patient, loving and devoted? Are they not opinionated, yet lend a listening ear? Will they not allow themselves to be corrected?


I am a God Who loves ordinariness. I listen, and I am loving and patient.  I am devoted and simplistic. I am real!  I am comforted even when My beloved ones take a fall, for their fall develops tears of growth! Is it not ordinary to fall, to grow, to fall and to grow some still?


My point today, My child, is that I love My people in their ordinariness.  I am not looking for martyrs.  I am looking for simplicity and dedication to friendship.  I am looking for honesty, openness and growth—all ordinary ways which will be extraordinary in My sight!


Do not out-do yourselves in love, My people, but simply make Love your way of life.  Do not out-do one another by noticeably doing good for others.  It is in the quietness of love and simpleness that good is accomplished.  I tell you, it is better to do good for someone quietly without recognition.  The glory given to My Father in this form is immeasurable.


Therefore, My dear ones, do not despair.  Your walk with Me is one of growth and living your lives in the ordinariness of My Love, living simply, honestly, lovingly and purely.  This is the ordinariness in My sight that makes you extraordinary in the sight of My Father. Peace, My loved ones, peace.