Vol II Lesson 36

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 36

January 10, 1990





My dear child, the deeds of My people reflect their goodness in Me.  Words are of little value unless the action speaks the truth of the word.  If your behavior is haughty and your words are loving, is that not a contradiction of My Truth? If My people believed in My Truth and My Word, their actions would reflect their belief.  That is how you decipher the true prophets from the false ones! Deeds speak the truth.  Those who live in Me, live My Word; and their actions affirm the Truth of My Word.


Haughtiness and disrespectful behavior to others and to yourselves are deeds which confirm falsehood and deceitfulness.  The true follower accepts the Word and allows the Word to develop within them.  The Word reflects in His follower’s actions.  How many do you witness today of promising words but of little trust, and with deeds that fail the Word?  There are many who desire initially to be My follower, but so few who walk the Word because of their underdeveloped respect for themselves and others; and worse still, because of their lack of devout willingness to allow Me to develop within them mature behavior.


Following My Word is going beyond the initial step of desire by speaking promising words.  It is affirming the Word through deeds.  That is the final Truth.  Are the deeds respectful or disrespectful? Are they pure or unclean? Are they loving or deceitful? Are they honest or dishonest?  The deed reflects not only the Truth of the Word, but reveals the depth of devotion.


Are you devoted, but your thoughts and actions speak otherwise by condemning those who appear harmful? Do you love the poorly dressed as the well dressed, or the ignorant as well as those who converse fluently? Do you say you are My follower and live the Truth of My Word, but judge and, privately in your inner thoughts, condemn the minority? That is the disgust of your world.  How many live deceiving themselves that they are pure and belong to Me, yet turn around by their deeds and scandalous affairs, and live falsely?


Let Me tell you something, child.  You cannot be called a child of God and gain the Kingdom unless your deeds are as pure as My Word! When I say, “you,” child, I mean all My people; for when I speak to you, I speak to the world. How wretched you are to claim purity as if it were deserving of you when the deed is not pure! When the deeds reflect purity at all times, then you are deserving of purity and the Word.


I AM THE WORD! If you wish to be My follower, you will pray for inner growth and development and will accept My Truth by living the Word through your actions.  I tell you, that if you are loving to those with whom you are acquainted and distant to those whom you do not know, or even judge them as an enemy, you cannot be My follower! For those who follow Me are pure love, and their deeds speak the Truth of My Word.


That is what I desire to say to My people this day.  The choice is yours.  Do you truly wish to be My follower?  If so, is your “yes” one proclaimed through your lips, or is it lived through your deeds? Your words will never speak the Truth.  Only your deeds can speak the Truth of the Word.