Vol II Lesson 38

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson 38

January 16, 1990




My dear beloved one of Mercy, how it grieves Me to see how My people show their love and mercy.  They neglect their children, beating them—yes, beating—child, and denying them growth in love!  They verbally and physically batter, not only the young, but the old.  Is this mercy?  How, child, would you have Me have Mercy on them, if they cannot have mercy on the young and the old?


I have been teaching My people throughout the ages the importance of their salvation through love and mercy, and their deeds speak of their thoughts on My teachings!  I give the gift of Love, and they take it upon themselves to destroy all dignity of life.  What possesses My people to take their anger and aggressions out on the meek, weak and little, grieves My Heart.  It tears and bleeds for them.  These same people, who are to be called “children of God,” strip all hope of salvation by their evil deeds.  They cannot be called “children of God,” for to be a child of God, you must love as children, not endanger them!  You must be childlike and as pure as children.


Never, ever have I said to discipline a child you must beat him!

Never, ever have I praised malicious acts of sexual abuse!

Discipline is achieved with love, and love only.

Correction is accomplished only through love.


Physical love, which joins man and woman together in sacramental marriage, comes from pure love, and should continue and never be expressed in the form of molestation of the young or sexual abuse of children.


My child, how it grieves Me that these are My people who have allowed such degrading evil to possess them!  They have no sense of dignity, and do not even know the value of dignity!  These are the people who need to learn what pure love is.  These are My people who need to forgive and love themselves!  These people are not walking on rope, but are walking on string!  These are people I wish to come home to Me, so that I can restore their dignity and goodness.


Abuse is sacrilegious! Verbal, mental and physical abuse of the young, the old and the children are horrifying in the Eyes of God.  My Father abhors those who do not love;

for those who do not walk in love, walk in darkness and death.


Make this known, child.  Every person who abuses and batters anyone, elderly or young , shall pay the price marked in the Eyes of My Father until every cent worth of abuse is exchanged into the equivalence of Love—not in the eyes of man, but in the Eyes of My Father!


Take heed, My people, for it is by your will that you walk such treacherous turf!  If you wish to be My people, you will heed My words.  Stop, or there will be no stopping the consequences in My Father’s actions in defense of the innocent!


Remember, Love is sacred, for I am Love!