Vol II Lesson 42

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Volume II Lesson #42

February 1, 1990




My dear child, it is I, your Lord, Who comes to you.  Even in your illness do I live in you and give you the strength to take down My words for My people.


You have noticed that three things happen when people find out that I come to you.  They are either afraid, do not care, or are overwhelmed and cling to you as if you were a link to Me.


I tell you, it was the same with Me!  Either My people were afraid that I was possessed by demons, they did not care, or they panicked to be in My presence, fearing that I would not heal them!  Do you know the ones who tore My Heart the most?  It was the same group of people that makes your heart bleed, the ones who do not care!


Remember My saying, “There is no middle of the rope, only two ends”?  How I long for My people.  My heart bleeds for them and desires to give to them; but those, who do not care, do not even wish to receive.  They do not care at all.  Especially for them, My gifts would only be a burden to them!  That is why your heart suffers, because My Heart suffers!


I would like to tell my people that I am here to divide the good from the bad!  Take the time to sort in your heart My words, and make your own decision.  If you have questions, ask!  If you come to Me in private prayer, I will show you.


Tell My people My words.  My people need to grow in me, and I will give them strength and knowledge.  But with growth come imperfections and failures, which I allow to strengthen and mold My people into My perfection of holiness.  Those who suffer and allow Me to suffer with them are strengthened and grow.  Their suffering only sanctifies them.  Those who choose to suffer without Me, suffer great turmoil at their own wish, because they will not allow Me to carry their cross.  Their path of growth is long, tedious, and strenuous.  Pray for them!


Growth is essential in My journey.  This spiritual maturity is one through which I can take you.  Men cannot judge the spirituality of their brethren.  Focus on your own spirituality with Me, and do not look at another’s journey.  Be careful and be on guard against judging others, especially in their spirituality.  Only the Trinity knows the degree of strength of the soul.


My words today are a Lesson to My people on growth, which is so essential in My journey of holiness.  Do not despair over your imperfections or failures.  Do not struggle with your perturbations.  Know I am with you, if you allow Me to assist you in your growth to divine holiness.


Remember My words, “If you try and fail, you have not failed in My Eyes, but have won favor in the sight of My Father! “ Be strong, and take one moment at a time. Live in the moment, day by day!