Vol II Lesson 45

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #45

February 12, 1990




My dear child, as My people accept My Lessons and grow in me, there is something very important they must realize.  It is My joy to come to My people and teach them; however, they need to know that it is I Who have chosen them!  As they grow in My words and are filled with My Love, they begin to think that they have the answers for others in their journey of life.  They begin to plan and announce to others, whether they be friend or enemy, what is right or wrong.  They even begin to speak as if they know of what is to come.  My love awakens them and fills them with knowledge, but they need to keep My knowledge in perspective or it will deceive them!


My people plan events for other peoples’ lives.  They think they know with certainty when one of Mine is to die!  Beware! Grow in My Love.  Allow Me to guide you.  Allow Me to be your God.  Allow Me to plan your life’s events.


If you truly grow and follow my ways, you will follow the example of My Mother.  Contemplate how she loves Me by serving Me quietly and obediently.  She never spoke to anyone in a manner which was authoritative.  She never said what would happen to anyone or told anyone they were not living correctly.  She always showed her love by listening, assisting and praying for them.  If you are truly growing in My Love, know that I found you.  You did not find Me!  Live as my Mother lived, for Me.


My people are still filled with so much judgment.  I tell you, child, that no one knows what event will happen, worldly or even simply in someone’s life!  Only I know and dictate according to My Father’s Glory.


Accept with peace and joy My Presence in your hearts and learn to love openly without judgment or condition your spouse, family, friends, co-workers and enemies.  Maintain equanimity in all matters, and allow Me to be your God.  If you accept only what you wish and deceive yourselves by thinking you know the time and events in other peoples’ lives, then you are playing “god”!


If you want to receive My glory and grow in My light, accept these words:  Speak less and love more by listening and praying.  Open your hearts to absorb My Love for you at this very moment.  Do not play leader, for this will only cause deception and confusion.  Let things be and accept, simply accept with joy My Love for you.


Remember, My people cannot help Me.  They can serve Me by allowing Me to love them.  Do not take matters into your own hands because you are certain of what is to come or what should come.  Please, please, please, My people, allow Me to be your God!  You are not My “god”!


I love you and speak this way in order for you to reflect on your growth and your love for Me.  Where are you in your journey?  Are you open?  Are you verbose?  Are you certain that you know what are the next events to happen in your brothers’ lives?


Reflect!  Are you allowing Me to guide you as I have planned, or are you deceiving yourselves by guiding yourselves?  Are you allowing Me to be your God?  Are you? or Are you not?


Look into your heart and look at the words and actions of your day.   Reflect on how My Mother would respond if she lived and spoke the words you did.  There is much I teach you, and before we go further in your Lessons, please contemplate the words I have spoken.


I love you, My people.  My Peace is for you!  My words are for you, and My Kingdom is for you!