Vol II Lesson 47

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #47

February 21, 1990





My dear child, how I long for the minds, hearts and souls of My people.  If you love your Lord with all of your mind, heart and soul, you cannot be wounded internally.  Divine protection seals you in My goodness.


The evil one cannot irritate you with confusing thoughts if you have given Me your mind.  Those who walk with Me and follow Me harbor pure thoughts.  Their temptations can only be short-lived, for evil thoughts are not able to manipulate their actions.


When you give to Me your mind, it is united to Mine.  When you give to Me your heart, it is united to Mine.  When you give to Me your soul, My Divinity becomes yours!  It is so necessary for all three elements to be united in love to Me and the Trinity.


If I have your heart, but not your mind, your struggles will persecute you with the complexity of analysis and acceptance of the Truth!  You will doubt, and easily fall apart at the simplest comment of mockery.  Your heart will suffer tremendously when it is not in unity with your mind.  Your deeds reflect not only the desires of your heart, but also your mind.  If your mind harbors impure thoughts and struggles with introspection, then your heart will suffer because this results in conflict.


Give to Me your mind, and you will have Mine!  Be open to receive My Wisdom.  My Wisdom teaches you that the heart, soul and mind must be one in unity to be one with Me.  Do not allow your mind to dictate your thoughts with confusion.  Be open to Me. Allow My Spirit to replace your thoughts with pure ones.  You will have the clarity to resolve solutions to problems.


Unite, My dear, dear people, your minds to your hearts and to your souls!