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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #53

March 30, 1990  &  April 18, 1990





My dear child, this Lesson for My people is the last Lesson of this set.  Please write these next words down of My sorrowful Passion.  My Passion consisted of many things, but there are six elements which I wish to make known.


The first was that of My mental anguish.  My mental anguish consisted in the conflict between being human and having emotions and the non-emotions of being Divine!  The constant knot in My stomach came from being of the Father, yet sharing man’s life, having been sent in human form.  How many times I knew of My people’s dislike, hatred and doubt by experiencing the feelings and sentiments they had for Me.  That was My conflict.


The second was the sorrow of My Heart, knowing of the goodness and glory of My Father, but that few desired to know His goodness or seek His glory.  The frustration was mixed with sorrow, because of the short time I was granted in which to teach; yet, no one understood Me.  My Heart was pierced because of My Love for My Father and My people, yet their love was conditional!  They came to Me in curiosity, in need of physical healing and whatever personal desire they were seeking at the moment.  They could not grasp My words of Truth and apply them in search of eternal happiness.  That was My sorrow.


The third was My loneliness.  The greatest pain and grief was My loneliness, loneliness for My Father, and for My people to know Him.  My loneliness consisted of not even feeling the presence of My Father!  The last sorrow was being one of all mankind, yet Divine, without Him Who sent Me.  It was unbearable, and faith was the only virtue which showered Me with comfort.


The fourth was temptation.  The temptation was threefold.  First there was the temptation of exposure, exposing Me as Messiah, and exposing the glory which accompanied being the  Savior.  Silent redemption was My mission, to suffer and save all men without exposing the glory of the Truth until the final moment!  Second was the temptation of not contemplating the mission.  In My weariness, so many did not understand.  Would they ever understand the Truth of My Father and the Eternal life available to them?  Third was the lifeless sorrow of being of no value to My people.  My words were merely “words” to them.  Would they ever absorb them and rejoice in My Father?  Was My suffering going to be in vain?  No! But the temptations tormented My Heart because that is what man believed and what the evil one desired.


The fifth element was that of fear, fear of conviction.  The Son of Man was to be convicted!  In the garden, how I prayed that if that moment could pass by, allowing but what the Father’s Will would be, I would accept it!  My Father came to Me and, in Our Oneness, shared His Love for His people, which was My Love!  The Love, being so great, could only result in the salvation of His people through the sacrifice of His Son.  The Love conflicted with the fear, surpassed it, and comforted Me into a state of being of surrender.  The moment was at hand when the Son of Man would sacrifice Himself for mankind, whether mankind was ready for salvation or not!  It was My total surrendering to this state of being which led to the final element of My Passion:  My abandonment.


My abandonment consisted of a void of nothingness, emotionlessness and emptiness.  My weariness increased to the point of exhaustion.  Did My Father abandon Me in My last moments of breath?  I was all alone, yet no one to understand My sacrifice and to accept salvation.  It was not My wounds which led to My death.  It was sheer exhaustion which asphyxiated Me by suffocation.  I was too weak to hold My head up any longer.  It was with those words “Into Your Hands I commend My Spirit,” that man would then realize what he had done.  The Son of Man would die, only to raise up His Kingdom in three days.


Child, it is with this end of My fourth set of Lessons that I wish to tell My people that Life exists for all who believe in the Truth of Him Who sent Me.


Slow down, My people.  Enjoy and appreciate with gratitude all the gifts and blessings My Father has granted and betrothed unto you.  Take heed of His words.  Take the time to absorb them and live them.  Believe with all of your heart in your salvation and be immersed in His Love!


I love you, My dear people, with a Love which does not suffocate, but gives life.

Come to Me.

Allow Me to come to you.

Open your hearts in willingness and accept My Peace.  It is for you.

All I have is for you, My dear ones.

Know I shall never leave you.

I am with you, each one of you who desires Me and will have Me.


All are special in the eyes of God.  I am here to purify you and give you all of Me; to protect, guide, and comfort you; and to be your strength.  Remember the gifts you have are because My Father has granted them to you, and that your power is that which He has allowed you!


Rejoice in Him and be glad!

Sing praises on high to His glorious Name!

I, His Son, am One with Him.

Unite with Us, and be one in the Holy Trinity.

It is today My Mercy sheds in completion of My Lessons.

Receive abundantly, and do not fear.

Know that I am with you until the end of time!

Peace, My dear, beloved people.  Peace to you for all eternity!