Vol II Lesson 7

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Volume II Lesson 7

October 1, 1989




My child, my people do not listen to My prophets.  If they do not believe what my select prophets say, they will not believe in My Truth.


My people ask for signs.  When I send signs, they do not believe!  When I speak to My children of My desire, they do not believe.  They listen to what is spoken in Scripture through the prophets I selected many ages ago, but they will not listen or believe in My prophets of this age!  It was the same for My prophets of the time before!  They were not believed either, just as today.


My people are living now amongst My prophets of My Divine Age of Mercy, and they continue to react as if My chosen have nothing of value to speak!  Those who do not believe in My prophets and disciples later say, “Lord, why did you not tell me these were your prophets?  I would have believed them.”  I shall say to them, “If you did not believe in the ones I sent you, you would not have believed Me, for I lived in them!”


I tell you this, my child, because of the attitudes of noncompliance and uncaring, My people are harming one another.  Too many of my people visualize me as a distant God, and many do not even care if I am in the midst of their presence.


How would you like it, child, if you went to a gathering and no one recognized your presence or cared if you were amongst them?  How would you have Me respond?


I am waiting for My people at all times.  My people need the support and love of one another; and their uncaring attitudes are destroying all hope for My Love to exist.  Do not My people realize what they are doing to one another and themselves through their complacent attitudes?  If My people recognized this Truth, why would they not ask Me to change their hearts?  What does it take for my people to believe in Me?  By believing in those I sent, My prophets and disciples?


This is My pain—seeing the beauty of My people being destroyed through their lack of love.