Vol II Lesson 8

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 8

October 4, 1989





My people are so satisfied with themselves that their attitudes reflect no need for change.  They do not wish for My Divine assistance to mold their hearts into the perfection of My goodness.  Their attitudes do not seek to reflect the need for purification; and therefore, this results in the lack of growth.  My people speak of the need to reach out and support one another, but their attitudes and actions do not reflect their words.  That is because of their complacent attitude.  There are so few in number who allow Me to mold them into the true people I have created.


The lives of My people have been so influenced by the way of the world that the true person in character and beauty is masked by a falsified persona.  As My people continue day by day in their complacency, they continue to live in a fake world of no reality!  They continue to think that they know who they are, and their attitudes reflect the need for little assistance.  They live in a tunnel of darkness with their happiness being superficial, only on the surface.  The words I tell you will sadden you, child, when I tell you that My people do not even realize the Truth.


Complacency is an addiction of masking My Truth through their attitude!  My people have lived in this way so long that they do not even know that their way of life through their attitude is not reality!


If I asked My people,  “Do you know the real you?” or “Who are you?”  they would not be able to respond truthfully, because they have lived with a complacent attitude all their lives and know of nothing else.  They would become confused and would think they were losing their minds if I tried to change them by showing them many truths about themselves without their permission.  They are so self-satisfied, that any suggestion for the need to look at their inner being would be bounced out as an inner conflict and loss of peace, which they actually create for themselves by their outlook and separation from My Truth!  This is complacency—an addiction to a self-satisfying attitude, masking the Truth by living in a world of fallacy, and not knowing the true individual I have created!


My Truth and My Love challenge your complacent heart and will conflict with your inner being until My Spirit rests in you through your acceptance of My molding you to My perfection, the perfection of light and happiness.  Once My Spirit lives in your complacent heart, it takes you out of the tunnel of darkness and into the pasture of freshness, and will journey with you forever!