Vol II Lesson 9

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 9

October 9, 1989




My child, in this next Lesson I wish to speak to you and My people dear to Me about dishonesty.  If My people are dishonest with their wealth, how are they going to be able to handle the wealth I have promised them?  People live in this world placing so much value on money and materialism that they allow it to control them.  They become dishonest and not trustworthy.


How many times do My people not stand behind the principles of truth because of money?  Money is their “god,” and dishonesty and lack of trustworthiness are there fruitless rewards.  If they cannot be honest with their earthly wealth, how will they receive My wealth graciously, humbly and with honesty?  How, My child?  They cannot now, and will not be able later, because they live in a world where they have made money all their life.


I tell you money is not the source of life!  Can money save their souls?  Will money be their “god” in the life to come?  I am the Source of Life, and I provide the source of true wealth!


But My people will not even acknowledge their dishonesty!  They will not ask for forgiveness, allow Me to fill them with My honesty, and make them trustworthy to receive My wealth!  How narrow-minded, self-centered and so dishonest My people have become!  My people say they need money to live.  I say they need My spirit of everlasting life to live!


They need money to feed them, not to control them.  What they have in ample supply  should be shared with those who have none to fill their hunger.  My people have allowed money to corrupt them with dishonesty.  They are not even honest with themselves.  The money they have, they say it is not enough!  The richest of the rich in this mortal world are deceived through there dishonesty to believe they do not have enough.


Coupled with their dishonesty, only a few will believe the Truth of My words!  There won‘t be many who believe that I have chosen you to come to and speak to!  Why?  Because My words are far too simple for their complex mentality. The will say, “Jesus is all-knowing with great intellect and could not speak so simply.”  What poor souls roam your corrupt world!


My people, look at your inner being and see your dishonesty!  Be honest with yourselves and seek My trustworthiness by seeking My wealth.  Those of you who look at yourselves and see no stain because of your complacency, beware! It is you who live in darkness.


My child, if only My people really believed in the wealth which awaits them in My Kingdom!   If only they could accept it by accepting Me!  If only they would allow Me to give them My wealth, how rich they would truly be!


Thank you for writing My words.