Vol III Lesson 10

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Volume III Lesson #10

July 29, 1990




My dear child, it is with great joy that I come before you to teach you and My beloved ones.  The way of your world is such a difficult one in which to live.  Stress, tears, anger, crime—and such little love!  I come to refresh and restore all to health.  I come to light the path which leads to the true Eternal Kingdom.


Today, My dear one, I wish for My people to know how essential it is to live simply, day to day, in what I bring to them.  Do not expect a glorious event, and do not look for a phenomenon.  I, your Jesus, work so quietly and peacefully that you will miss Me if you try to look for Me.  It is so necessary that each and every one of My people work and live as they do, but create a loving environment.  Each of my beloved ones has a created plan from My Father.  If they look for phenomena or if they change from being simple and loving, they will stray.  All must do what they have been created to do.


As you work with one another daily and continue to live as I have planned for you, you will live with Me in peace. I am amongst you, working quietly and lovingly.  I am the whisper of the wind!  So please, My dear people, stop looking for phenomena.  I have been with you before, not only now!  Why, all of a sudden, do you think I am making My Presence known?  It is only now that you desire Me and have felt My peace.  That is because you have begun to accept My words of comfort and peace; but I have been here all along!  This is not anything new; this is not a phenomenon.  Do not look for it.  Learn to love one another and to live in unity and harmony, and you will feel My Presence even stronger.


I bless you all.  Know My Love for you is immeasurable.  I will never abandon you, even if you abandon me.  Go slowly, My people.  Work, but rest also.  You are people who are running to always be preoccupied.  Walk at My pace, and you will be able to absorb My Beauty and Peace.  If you wish to do something, then pray to My Father.  You people are doers, but you spend much of your energy on the wrong focus.  Focus on Me, and walk with Me on My Path.  You will achieve and accomplish far greater than what you think you are achieving and accomplishing now.


Be balanced people!  Be hard-working, joyful, restful, playful and prayerful people.  Maintain a balance by following Me and loving one another, regardless of your differences.  You will receive abundantly, as I have promised, if you simply follow My words of Truth.


Thank you, My dear people, for responding to My call and to My Mother’s call.  Bless you all.  My Mercy and My endless Love are yours forever!