Vol III Lesson 11

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III Lesson # 11

August 4, 1990





My dear one, I grant My people the gift of life, and I watch over them.  What do My people do with the gifts I have given them?  Many take for granted that their present life is a gift from Me until their days are numbered!  When they realize that their earthly life is near end, it frightens them because they do not know what it means to have eternal life, or if they will achieve it.


I tell My people to use and nourish their present life to its fullest potential in the glory of God, and they will have eternal life.  However, there are many who are not only ungrateful, but wonder why others have it far better than they!  Do not My people realize that they ridicule and hurt My Father when they do not love themselves and use the gifts given to them by Him?  Every gift which is given belongs to My Father to be used for His Glory, for He shares His gifts with His people.  By right, if the gifts belong to Him, then He can take the gifts away when He deems fit, because they never belonged to them to begin with.  My people do not see that their life alone is a gift, for many abuse the gift of their life and do not appreciate it.  This is evident from their lack of love for themselves.


I am the God Who gives life, not takes away.  I wish to see all blossom into the ripe fruit on My vine, not to fall from the vine.  Tell My people to be aware of their gifts and to use them.  All must use their different and separate gifts in order for the vine to bloom.  Remember the parable of the vine I told you.  Do not allow the roots of evil to suffocate the vine or the leaves will not blossom!


Be grateful for your life, My dear people.  Live a joyful, productive and peaceful life so that your gifts will blossom, mature and grant you eternal life.  Bless you all, and peace to you this day in which My Mercy flows.