Vol III Lesson 12

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Volume III Lesson #12

August 15, 1990





My dear child, today I wish to give a parable to My people.  Please write as I continue to dictate to you:


There were three men who decided to go fishing in a boat together.

While they were casting their nets at sea, a storm arose; and the

boat was tossed in the treacherous waves until they were lost.  One

of the fishermen believed and trusted in the goodness of God and

His protection.  The other fisherman blasphemed God and exemplified

fear for his life.  The last fisherman was indifferent and showed no

emotion or concern for safety.  What does the parable mean, child?


I will tell you what the parable means.  The parable represents life and the three categories of people there are and how they deal with and greet difficulties or storms in their lives.  There are My people who trust in My Father’s goodness and accept openly (even though they struggle) their difficulties and turmoil.  These, My people, make the effort to correct what is wrong and fight the treacherous waves through their faith and total trust.  Then there are My people who blaspheme My Father and condemn Him for always being the source of their storm and turmoil.  They live in fear of their life every time a wave is formed.  Lastly, there are My people of indifference, those who only care about the events surrounding their lives, but are indifferent to the storms in other peoples’ lives.  These are My nonchalant people who have little emotion for helping those in need.  They do not trust in My Father, for they do not have time for Him!!


All of these people are My people, and My Love for them is unconditional and of the same depth.  Life has many storms and various waves of different size, intensity and fortitude.  The outcome of the storm depends on your faith in Him Who has sent Me.  Remember, the storm will always end and be calmed.  How you managed the storm indicates whether or not you are on the path of eternal salvation.  If you are in turmoil, do not fear!  Accept and trust in My Father. You will be saved and brought to safety.  You will receive His protection and His strength, and above all, His comfort which is sweet and loving.


This, child, now concludes our session for today.  Know of My great love for you.  I present this parable today for My people to continue teaching them.  Pray that all will be true, devout fishermen of God.  Peace and My blessings!