Vol III Lesson 13

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Volume III Lesson #13

September 1, 1990





My dear child, how I desire for My people not to worry about their illnesses, financial status, or any other disturbance they encounter.  I desire all to trust in and love the Holy Trinity, completely and in Its entirety.  My people say they trust in Me and are not afraid of Me, but I tell you, they do not trust completely and are afraid!  If they were not afraid of Me, they would believe in My words of trust and would trust in My comfort by not worrying.  When they worry, they focus on the source of their problem, utilizing their energy.  Their focus is not on My comfort.  They struggle because they are afraid of the outcome to their problem.  This means they are afraid of Me because they do not trust that I will rectify their problem!  They are afraid of losing their control, and they wish for Me to care for their situations in a way that they feel would relieve them of their turmoil and anxiety.  If they were not afraid of Me, they would accept whatever the circumstances by surrendering totally into My trust and comfort.


If My people truly loved My Father with all of their hearts, they would be filled with joy and peace, no matter what the perturbing situation. When you lose focus of His goodness and His power as God, you slide into the anxiety caused by worry.  No matter what the difficulty, even if it be illness, all focus and peaceful surrender should be given to My Father in songs of praise and hymns and psalms of glory!  This is by far the greatest gift you can give to yourself.


Love your God above all with all of your heart.  My Father is all giving, loving, merciful and compassionate.  He is all good and knowing.  He is your romantic God, and I am One with Him!  All who love Him dwell in His house and are one with Him in the Holy Trinity.


My Lesson today is to tell My people the importance of rejoicing in the Father, quietly and openly.  For if it were not for My Father, there would be no hope for the salvation of mankind.  It was He Who sent Me to suffer for the redemption of the world and to restore hope.  It was He who allowed His only Son to be crucified so that mankind could have eternal life.  It is He, the same God Who loves you, His people, with all His Heart.  For He has given to you all that is good.  He has given you Me.


I bless you today, My dear one and all My people who rest in My Most Sacred Heart.  Peace to you this day.  Continue to walk in the perfection of My holiness, My dear people, as I continue to teach you the Way in the holiness of My Father.