Vol III Lesson 14

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III Lesson #14

September 17, 1990





My dear one, I am a loving God Who comes to speak of My Love for My people.  How I purely love them!  My people are good people.  They were created good.  Good exists in them.  When they are bad, the good still exists in them because I created them.  It was their free will, with which they selected the path of evil, that prevented them from growing in My goodness.


I am not a spiteful God, nor am I a revengeful one.  I am all loving and giving.  I wish to give the fruits of Paradise, but the fruits I wish to give are not the ones My people desire.  They live for momentary pleasure.  I have the fruits of lasting grace, of lasting pleasure.


Today, I simply wish for all My people to know that I love them, whether they love Me or not.  I love them and will never change or leave them.  I am a merciful and loving God.  I can only love and have mercy!


It saddens Me that My people do not desire the freshness of My Love, but I will always continue to leave My door open and the light of My Kingdom on for them, in hopes of their love.  Pray for them, child, and express My Love.  Bring them home, for they are hungry, cold and malnourished.


How I desire their friendship!  Friends are loving and never expect anything from one another.  I cannot purchase their love or their friendship.  I can only give them all that I am!  I give them My Heart and My everlasting Love, a blissful Paradise.


Thank you, My dear one, for writing My words for My very special people, people who live in My Heart.  How I love them!  They are My new tomorrow!  Bless you, and bless all My people.  My Peace.