Vol III Lesson 18

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III Lesson #18

November 15, 1990




My dear child, there are many souls whom I have chosen to illuminate the earth with My goodness.  The brighter the soul, the more in union it is with Me, and the farther it illuminates across the earth!  As you eliminate the vanities of the world and focus totally on Me, the more I draw you and soak you into My fertile soil which germinates the Light of Life!  Know that those who are closest to you may not notice the illumination of your soul because I may desire to keep it hidden.  Yet, there may be other people across the world who will experience My warmth and Love through the brilliance of the Light of your soul because I have desired it so.  That is for all My people to know.


As I join them in union with Me, their souls will illuminate.  As you become so absorbed in My Love, all extraordinary experiences of Divine nature become ordinary experiences because of the unity which exists spiritually.  Silently, gently, delicately, and O’ so tenderly is the way I work on the vast majority of souls.  All those who say “yes” and desire Me through their acceptance and openness shall not be denied, but shall be granted the hand of God’s direction.


It is when you acquire unity that the soul is elated and is graced with illumination.  It is possible for all My people.  There may be the few I have chosen as an example for the world, but this does not mean that they are the select; for all may be granted this grace.  It means that if it is possible for a few, it is most certainly possible for all.  The few who are used as an example pass on their illuminated grace to all the world by planting My seed in the fertile soil of their hearts.  Then the few become many, and the result is an all-encompassing illuminated world filled with joy, peace and the bliss of salvation.


Therefore, never think that My work goes unnoticed.  It remains hidden when I desire it to and is revealed when I desire!  The Will of God shall be done!  Even in the most wretched of sinners, the Will of God is accomplished.  Notice that man does not have control; he only lives with the false illusion that he does.  It is when he comes to Me admitting his weakness and imperfections, totally powerless, that he will experience an infused strength and inner peace.  I then unite My strength to his!  The soul then commences on the journey of Light until it unites with its Master in an encompassing brilliance of illumination, the Union with God!


Bless you, My child, and know that the Light never extinguishes once the soul is in Union with God!