Vol III Lesson 19

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III Lesson #19

December 17, 1990





My dear child, I your Lord am here awaiting your love and comfort for My Wounds.  Today I wish to expound on the need to restore dignity and respect to mankind through love and compassion.  O’ My dear child, how My people, especially My poor and downtrodden and homeless, are malnourished in love and compassion.  There is little or no dignity in their lives, all due to lack of respect and the uncompassionate hearts of their brethren.  It is mankind who has destroyed their hopes of life and good fortune—the same mankind which can restore and replenish goodness, hope, love and dignity.


The power My people have has been granted to them from My Father.  Yet, because of wickedness, My people misuse their gifts and lose their power to create and restore goodness through love.  My people need to be understanding and compassionate!  They need to put aside their desires for personal gain and seek to please My Father in freedom!  I tell My people over and over again to desire to grow in My holiness by desiring to unite in the Oneness of the Holy Trinity.  To do this you must desire self-denial and the total absorption of My Love and accept to do the Will of God.  Only My Father can take you to this point, for this is a gift from Him.  Only those He desires will unite in the Oneness of the Trinity.  Those He desires are My people, who themselves desire to be. For when they unite with their brethren in unity, love and compassion, and with the dignity and respect of God, they unite in the Oneness of the Holy Trinity.


I tell you this for I have been observing My people these past few weeks and have not given you any Lessons because I desired to see their desires, the intimate desires of their hearts.  I long to fill their hearts with My Love and with what they need for ultimate freedom, so I have been simply listening and observing the condition and truth of the state of their hearts!


Tell my people that ultimate freedom results from total acceptance of God’s Will!  The Will of My Father can be discerned through love, compassion and openness to others’ needs.  Freedom is a result of unity in the Holy Trinity and is a state of holiness.  If you desire to be free, begin to be compassionate!  Learn what compassion is and how to simply and openly be compassionate.


This is My desire for My people this season.  My prayer is that they may desire freedom and unity in the Holy Trinity and that they may begin to be loving, forgiving and compassionate through dignity and respect for their brethren.


I bless you and all My people.  No matter how evil or wicked they may seem to be in the eyes of man, they are good, only misled, in My eyes; and I will never abandon them!  I will always wait for them to simply invite My assistance.  Peace, My dear one.  My Love is yours, united together with My Father.  Ad Deum.