Vol III Lesson 2

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III Lesson #2

May 7, 1990





My dear one, let us now continue with more words to My people.  I have promised My people fullness of life, both now and in eternal life to come. Fullness of life incorporates both joy and sorrow, the joyful events and the difficulties.  I never told My people they would not experience difficulties.  I told My people that I am their strength and life.  I am their source of peace.  All who come to Me shall receive My peace and the strength to face their difficulties


So many of My people think that if they do not have joy at all times, I am displeased with them or am not listening to their prayers.  Not so!  All difficulties result in growth and humility!


Joy results from total trust in Me, not in positive events happening in day-to-day life.  My people misinterpret the meaning of My care for them if there is not peace and joy at all times.  They think difficulties cannot co-exist if I am caring for them.  This is not true.


My dear people, I am your source of joy, peace and strength.  I care for you, even in your difficulties!  I never said that if you follow me, there would not be any difficulties for you to face.  My walk is not always an easy walk, but it is a peaceful one, if you totally trust in Me and in My care.


You struggle because you are conditional people!  Submit in humility to My Way, and you shall not experience the unpleasantness of struggle, but will be able to face your difficulties with peace and strength.  Accept My Love by accepting, day to day, whatever events and situations with which you are presented.  Accept yourselves with your idiosyncrasies, as you are, and believe in Me with trust as your source of strength; and you shall be able to overcome all obstacles.  Trust in yourselves by trusting in Me! 


I shall care for all.  I am your Lord God!  No matter what you desire, the plan for you is far greater from Me for your total happiness.  Your desire will not be fulfilled because My desire for you will result in a far greater joy for you than you could possibly conceive or imagine!  Therefore, why struggle with your difficulties?  Trust in Me and My care.  My plan for you will come, whether you desire it or not!   Should you not accept yourself and the daily events with trust that I send you, you will not be comforted with My peace and strength?  I tell you to desire Me, but you desire a plan that you have designed for your life!  This is not accepting My care for you and results in your struggle with difficulties through conditional love.


I love you, My dear ones, and I give to you the fullness of life.  Will you trust in My care by accepting with humility the plan for you?  Blessings to you, My people.  When you accept yourselves by accepting Me, you will be filled with My peace and strength to face endless difficulties.